We understand the heavily regulated environment the Finance Industry operates within. We have a flexible approach to our service and commercials, aiming to provide you with the technology you need, at a price that meet’s your budget.

Protecting your data and financial assets. 

The Finance industry is one which is quick to embrace new technology. Often it is the first industry receptive to onboarding new technological advances, which in the past has been geared towards front end transactional efficiencies, helping to improve internal processes, procedures and reducing operational cost.

However, IT budgets have been re-evaluated and are now more than ever geared towards cybersecurity and protecting their most valuable asset, data! The risk of cyber-attacks to these firms is real, costing significantly to address each year, notwithstanding the reputational damage that comes with every successful cyber-attack these firms have to report to the Information Commissioners Office (ICO).

That’s where we can help

At Zuri Technologies, we bring a wealth of experience in the Finance industry and understand the heavily regulated environments which these financial firms operate.

Our Managed Security Services currently assist Hedge Fund firms to carry out their day to day operations, with the reassurance and peace of mind that Zuri Technologies is actively managing their cyberthreat from our 24/7 Security Operations Centre based in London.

We work with our customer’s in-house IT teams to deliver our security services. Whether this is managing their global firewall estate, network monitoring or our SIEM (Security Information & Event Management) solution which tracks every single log on their environment, we are actively looking for anomalies to highlight the risk of a cyberthreat.





Why work with Zuri Technologies?

Whether you are a well-established Financial firm or one that is just starting up, at Zuri Technologies, we have a very flexible approach to our service and commercials. We aim to provide you with the technology you need at a price that meets your budget.


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