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LogRhythm, a leader in security intelligence and analytics, empowering organisations around the globe to rapidly detect, respond to and neutralise damaging cyber threats.

The company’s award-winning platform unifies next-generation SIEM, log management, network and endpoint forensics and advanced security analytics.

Key Benefits

• Empowers organisations to detect, respond to and neutralise cyber threats.
• Integrated next-gen SIEM and log management.
• Automated analytics for advanced threat detection.
• Responsive to events originating from inside and outside the network.
• End-to-end threat lifecycle management.
• Real-time continuous activity monitoring.
• Network forensics, endpoint monitoring and multidimensional security analytics.

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Next-Gen SIEM – Detect advanced threats within your environment using a data-driven, machine learning approach. Adopting a risk-based-priority algorithm enables you to identify the highest-risk concerns, targeting searches that use contextual or unstructured criteria for precise results.

Network Monitoring & Network Forensics – Detect sophisticated threats, including advanced malware. Recognise data theft, botnet beaconing, inappropriate network usage, and other threats simply. Generate irrefutable network-based evidence for threat analysis, policy enforcement, and legal action.

Advanced Security Analytics – LogRhythm’s AI Engine delivers realtime visibility to risks, threats and critical operations issues that are otherwise undetectable in a practical way.

Next-Gen Log Management – Machine Data Intelligence classifies and contextually structures every log message, thus revealing extensive intelligence into over 785 unique data source types.

Endpoint Monitoring and Forensics – Combining real-time endpoint monitoring with big-data analytics can detect advanced attacks and insider threats. This visibility also provides incident responders access to rich forensic data that can expedite investigations.

How Can We Assist ?

• Ad-hoc consultancy services
• Recommend appropriate architectures
• Remote and onsite configurations and installation
• Free proof of concepts
• Threat intelligence reporting
• Forensic monitoring
• 24/7 proactive management from our Security Operation Centre