Cisco Next-Generation Firewall trial

Put your security to the test with a two week Cisco Next-Generation Firewall trial. The Cisco Threat Scan Proof of Value programme is a free and easy way to gain visibility, intelligence and reduce risk on your network.

The Threat Scan POV provides you with a risk report highlighting the attacks and events that require your attention. The report allows you to make important decisions about the security of your network.

Cisco Threat Scan: How it works

A member of Zuri Technologies CCIE certified engineering team will install a Cisco ASA with Firepower in your organisation for two weeks, free of charge. This sits behind your existing network infrastructure, operating in monitor-only mode, collecting data and analysing threats.

We will provide you with an executive summary shortly afterwards highlighting any potential threats, both known & unknown, or potentially un-safe user behaviour on the network.

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What will the report indicate?

Number of attacks

The total number of attacks that were conducted during the assessment period.


Recommendations for protecting the network and systems from further threats.

Key observations

Identify key observations in your network, including critical attacks.


The total number of hosts that were targeted for attack during the assessment period.


Percentage of events which might require further investigation and protection.


Hosts connected to the 'command and control' servers, designed to infect the system.


The proportion of high and low impact threats on targeted machines.


The number of attacks that will have an effect on the system.

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