Gemalto: protecting organisations most valuable data assets and intellectual property


Gemalto provides data protection services, securing and protecting organisations most valuable data assets and intellectual property. Their unique experience in digital security generates value for businesses and governments by protecting identities and data wherever they are.

Gemalto authenticates people, transactions and objects, encrypt data and manage that encryption securely. Their solutions range from end-to-end digital security solutions, from the development of software applications through to the design and production of secure personal devices.

Gemalto enables organisations to deliver a vast range of secure services based on two core technologies: authentication and protection. These include mobile connectivity, digital banking, data encryption, eGovernment, vehicle telematics, software licensing and much more.

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Key benefits

  • Fully automated cloud-based authentication and lifecycle management.
  • Streamlined deployment in complex environments.
  • Comprehensive, flexible, and modular data protection solutions.
  • Enterprise encryption solutions – Data-at-rest and data-in-motion.
  • Centralised crypto resource management.

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  • Identity and access management – Enable secure access to online resources and protect digital interactions with market-leading strong authentication and digital signing solutions.
  • Data encryption – Protect your enterprise’s sensitive data wherever it resides or is transmitted with data-at-rest and data-in-motion encryption solutions.
  • Cloud security – Maximise security and control in the cloud, migrate to new services with optimal flexibility, and fully leverage the cloud’s business agility.
  • Internet Of Things – Reliable connectivity, reliable security and an agile monetisation framework.

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