Juniper Networks Professional Services partner

Zuri Technologies offer a wide range of Juniper Professional Services to ensure your infrastructure delivers an efficient return on investment.

Juniper Networks is responsible for some of the world’s largest and most complex networks today. They deliver high-performance network infrastructure to help businesses accelerate the deployment of services and applications.

Juniper Networks is the leader in enabling secure and assured communications over a single IP network.

Certified Juniper Networks engineers

As a certified Juniper Networks Partner, we possess a team of experienced and certified Juniper Networks engineers.

This level of expertise enables us to provide cutting-edge consultancy services developed throughout a multitude of industries.

Using defined processes and industry best practices, we focus on a succinct and cost-efficient model to minimise operational expenditure.

As one of the UK’s most trusted Juniper Networks Professional Services providers, we are proud to offer some of the industry’s most competitive day rates.

From design to support to comprehensive professional services, Zuri Technologies acts as a logical extension to your business.

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Our service includes:

Ad-Hoc Consultancy Services

Recommend Appropriate Architectures

Network changeover assistance

Design, Plan, & Implement New Solutions

Proof Of Concepts

Firewall management

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