Security Lifecycle Review

Assess your organisation’s current cybersecurity structure to minimise your exposure to business and security risks.

Palo Alto Network’s Security Lifecycle Review identifies which applications, web traffic and known and unknown threats are currently in your network. This specifically highlighting where potential risks exist, free of charge!

Zuri Technologies are a Palo Alto Gold Partner, providing a dedicated team of pre-sales consultants, and expert engineers to help your organisation plan and implement some of the industries most innovative technologies, starting with the Security Lifecycle Review.

Palo Alto Networks Professional Services and Security Lifecycle Review

How the security lifecycle review works

A member of Zuri Technologies PCNSE certified engineering team would install a Next-Generation firewall in your organisation for two weeks, free of charge. This next-generation firewall sits behind your existing network infrastructure passively monitoring, collecting data and analysing threats. We will provide you with a detailed report shortly afterwards after highlighting any potential risks, both known and unknown, or potentially un-safe user behaviour on the network.

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What will the report indicate?


Application vulnerability and the potential risks to exposure.


Known and unknown malware.


Key areas to focus on reducing risk exposure.

Network Weakness

Specific details on ways adversaries are attempting to breach your network.

Comparison Data

Comparison data for your organisation versus your industry peers.


High-risk URL categories.

Shadow Applications

Shadow applications that may not have been authorised by the IT department.

Potential Threats

URL traffic, content types and a catalogue of all possible threats on the network – known and unknown.

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