In the highly competitive world of retail, we understand the challenges you face. Our team of experts can provide you with a tailored one-stop-shop solution helping you to improve customer experience, protect data, and respond to the evolving marketplace through enhanced speed and flexibility.

Protecting your retail business.

With the number of cybersecurity attacks in the retail sector on the rise, businesses in this sector are allocating more budget than ever on ways in which to prevent cyberthreat and maintain their good standing and reputation in the industry, not to mention that of their customers.

The retail sector is relying more on new technology to improve the customer experience. This often requires the use of sophisticated algorithms to monitor customers online shopping habits to ensure they are being targeted with relevant content. Retail firms have had little choice but to adopt this new technology or get left behind. Still, it comes at a price if these retail firms are not taking the necessary preventative measures around cybersecurity!

In 2019 alone, a number of household names have been successfully targeted in either cyber-attacks or breaches leading to data leaks. Both of which have resulted in concerns from their once loyal customers now left wondering whose hands their personal data is now in. And more importantly, what are the retailers going to do with this information.

The new GDPR regulation which was introduced in May 2018 has gone some way in addressing some of these concerns, however, the cyber-attacks continue to happen on a daily basis!

How we can help your business thrive

Zuri Technologies are partners with the leading IT Security vendors. This allows us to provide the retail sector with a one-stop-shop for all their security and networking requirements.

Our services can range from providing secure VPN internet connectivity between local stores and their head office (wherever in the world they might be), to providing the necessary security devices they require to take payments safely and securely.





Why work with Zuri Technologies?

On an on-going basis, we can assist retailers in ensuring they remain secure. We provide regular health checks on their network through penetration testing or simply ensuring there are a friendly set of eyes monitoring their network 24/7.


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