Our team of highly skilled IT consultants, architects and project engineers will help you achieve the highest possible value from your new or existing IT infrastructure.

Our IT Consultancy Service includes:

  • Identify or revise your infrastructure strategy
  • Recommend appropriate architecture
  • Recommend suitable technologies
  • Design, plan & project manage your network
  • Proof Of Concepts
  • Ad hoc consultancy
  • Engineering as a Service

Onsite resourcing

Engineering as a Service (EAAS) is our unique offering that is tailored around your business requirements.  We provide your business with dedicated Network Security Engineers as a true extension to your business.

  • Dedicated engineering team focused on your account
  • Full understanding of your environment
  • 100% availability
  • Experienced, cross-skilled engineering pool

Device pre-staging & provisioning

‘You as a Service’ is a customised device pre-staging & provisioning package designed to complement your business, improve efficiency and save you money.

  • Device Registration
  • Firmware/IOS upgrades
  • Licensing
  • Dead on Arrival (DoA) testing
  • Pre-staging
  • Partial or Full device configuration
  • Installation
  • Go-live support

Key benefits to your organisation

When dealing with Zuri Technologies, you are not dealing with a recruitment agent nor a ‘one man band’. You are dealing with a specialist organisation that has a dedicated team of full-time and permanent staff who are experts in a number of different vendor technologies.

As an employer, you do not need to be concerned about managing annual leave and the subsequent cover of your productivity, EaaS takes this pain away from you and provides a seamless service, day in day out.

EaaS is a cost effective solution as you no longer need to account for salaries, holiday pay, sick pay, rising pension costs as well as any other costs which are conventionally associated with full time employees.

Your internal procedures, protocols and processes are shared within the team covering your environment. This means each Engineer is easily substituted to ensure continuity of service.

The onsite engineers are regularly substituted to ensure practical experience is well distributed amongst the dedicated team, as well as an element of familiarisation within the firm is established.

You are buying a service not an individual contractor.

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