Engineering as a Service designed to scale with you

Our Engineering as a Service offers customers a flexible alternative to in-house resourcing, providing the expertise you need in a timeframe that ensures projects are fulfilled and in demand skillsets utilised.

Engineering as a Service (EaaS) has evolved as a solution to the many IT challenges organisations face, such as the the recent IR35 changes that impact projects, day to day operations and  continuity of service for your business.

How it Works

Initially, we will deploy multiple engineers on site to enable them to learn your environment, gain access to systems and familiarise themselves with internal processes.

After the first week, the primary engineer(s) will remain on-site and continue to work on your project. With weekly conference calls between on-site and off-site engineers, we ensure knowledge is continually shared and updated between the team, allowing for a seamless exchange of engineers as and when required.


Sourcing a highly skilled IT team for every project in your organisation is not always economically viable. Timescales and overheads significantly increase and with additional headcounts,  you face significant financial challenges.

EaaS not only allows you the flexibility of adding and reducing engineers as and when you need them, it enables you to grow and scale at your own pace. With a dedicated single point of contact at Zuri Technologies, we ensure you get the support you need.

This service plays well into the recent IR35 changes, ensuring your business is compliant with the new legislation, whilst continuing to deliver projects.

Key benefits to your organisation

Multiple IT skillsets

Vendor accredited specialists who are experts in multiple vendor technologies.

Expertise when you need it

The expertise of engineers dedicated to delivering business critical projects on time

Flexible and Cost effective

A simple solution for any business looking to reduce the cost, responsibility and investment of a full-time employee

Continuity of business

We mitigate any disruption to your business with contingency cover for holiday and sickness.

A seamless solution that adds value

Accredited engineers who fit seamlessly into your environment without the challenge of management

Exceptional service

Dedicated to project delivery that's tailored to help your business succeed

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