as a Service


as a Service

Highly skilled network, security and infrastructure engineers

Our Service

Our Engineering as a Service solution takes the pain out of finding the skilled resources you need, when you need them! We can provide you with competitively priced fully skilled Network, Security and Infrastructure engineers, whether for one day or one year, allowing you to draw upon resources as you need them.

Business Need

Your demands change throughout the course of the year, so why tie yourself down with permanent expensive resourcing, when you can draw upon a pool of ‘hands’ when you need them. The introduction of IR35 may also pose complications, which is why we provide a service, not a person!

Service Breakdown

Understand your business requirements and timeframes

Deploy skilled engineer(s) whether on-site or remotely.

Continual access to a pool of fully skilled engineers

Our service includes:

Flexible resourcing

Physical or remote presence

Pooled engineering resource

Cross skilled engineers

Seamless service

No lock-in periods