Make sure you have the latest software upgrades

Our Service

Our automated Patch Management solution is agnostic to technology vendors and ensures your devices are carrying the latest software upgrades at any given time. Our DevOps team will evaluate the upgrades and decide upon a time most suited to your business for the implementation, ensuring as little impact as possible to your end users. This on-going solution keeps your workforce productive and reduces any downtime.

Business Need

Technology vendors are constantly publishing updates and upgrades to guard against known vulnerabilities of their devices. The lack of a proactive Patch Management solution, leaves your devices vulnerable to known security attacks and renders them ineffective and ultimately not fit for purpose.

Service Breakdown

Technical Pre-sale, evaluate and propose solution

 Schedule proposed timetable for regular scans to identify missing patches

On-going management and access to 24/7 helpdesk

Our service includes:

Monitoring, management and support

Out of hours scheduled implementation

Scalable solution

Efficient Patch Deployment

Comprehensive scanning

Effective and meaningful reporting