We now live in a world where ‘Risk & Compliance’ governs many aspects regarding the way we carry out our daily business activity.

In today’s modern world of technology, the importance of ensuring you are operating under a safe, secure and compliant environment has never been more crucial.

The media is not short of stories of companies who have failed to adapt their businesses and paid the consequences for their lack of action. Whether that’s in the form of data breaches, ransomware attacks or compromised networks, all of these actions can lead to data becoming compromised and subsequent fines being levelied by the relevant regulators. But more importantly, the reputational damage to both your customers and business partners alike can have far-reaching consequences.

At Zuri Technologies, security is at the heart of every product and service we offer our customers. We help them to reduce their chances of being compromised significantly, and of course, we can’t guarantee that you will never suffer a breach, but in the event that you do, our Security Operations Centre team will be on-hand to take the necessary remedial action.

As part of our preventative measures, we offer our customers the following services:

GDPR Gap Analysis Audits – A 3 Step Approach

Step 1: Discovery

Starting with a discovery workshop with your business, our consultants will carry out an initial ‘Gap Analysis’ of your business. We will understand how your organisation currently manages personal data, and the findings of this exercise will be provided to you in an easy to understand report.

Step 2: Remediation

Once we have provided you with the report, we will speak to you about the remediation which may be required and where action is required. We can then assist you in becoming compliant and will work with you and your team to ensure your business meets the obligations under the EU GDPR legislation.

Step 3: DPO

We appreciate that not every business has the resources to have their own Data Protection Officer (DPO), nor have an actual requirement to have one. We provide a service which allows you to have a dedicated DPO resource without the expensive price tag.

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Data Protection Officer (DPO) Services

Once we assist our customers with their GDPR roadmap, the natural transition onto our DPO Services tends to follow. We can also assist in becoming your virtual DPO even if we have not played any part in your initial GDPR compliance. However, in this instance, we would need to carry out our own independent audit of the remediation steps you have taken to ensure we also agree that you are compliant. The DPO service helps to ensure you remain compliant once compliance has initially been achieved. The DPO service carries a minimum of a 12 month commitment period, where you are subject to using the service at least one day a month for the 12 month commitment period.

Our work will be carried out by our GDPR practitioner who has years of experience in security audits, including ISO and GDPR/DPO. Give us a call to see how we can help you!

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IT Risk Audits

The security environment in which our customers operate is critical.  Industry regulators are now insisting on tighter controls, with security control processes no longer being an option, but a necessity, given the degree and way in which businesses interact with each other in todays world of commerce.

At Zuri Technologies, we can help your business by providing a number of IT Risk Audits, which aim to cover the security protocol across your entire business, including areas such as :

  • Security Risk Assessments
  • Baseline Security Polices
  • Patching Servers and workstations
  • Mobile Device Management
  • Employee Awareness Training
  • Regular Backup and failover testing
  • Business Continuity Plans
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