Integrating the best fit solution to your enterprise with Anti Virus as a Service (AVaaS)

With our ‘Anti-Virus as a Service’ managed solution, we aim to integrate the best fit solution to your enterprise, across a variety of vendors.  Next generation AV allows us to collate incidents across all endpoints in your enterprise, and manage this from a centralized location. A combination of tools such as signature based assignment for malware and machine learning, allows us to protect not just endpoints but also north-south and east-west traffic flows.

These tools also provide behavioural analysis to pick out abnormal behaviour and provide alert id’s and threat levels. The ability to see information related to attack vectors and also where in the attack cycle these alerts are triggered, provides our analysts with the tools necessary to investigate and respond to potential threats on your enterprise which classic AV solutions would not be able to protect against.

Our AVaaS strategy is best summarised as follows:


  • Stops all types of attacks, even those that don’t use malware at all.
  • Provides complete visibility in real time so you can respond immediately.
  • Single agent deployed from the cloud protects without compromising user productivity.


  • Unlimited data collection shows you everything, so you don’t miss a thing.
  • Unparalleled visibility reduces investigations from days to minutes.
  • Responds in real time to minimize damage and even hunt down threats proactively.


  • Stops all types of attacks and prevents unwanted changes with leading application control.
  • Maintains compliance for all systems no matter what framework you follow.
  • Automatic approvals and policy templates make high enforcement easily scalable.

Anti Virus as a Service comes with a number of benefits, including:

24/7 proactive management

Market leader in Next-Generation Endpoint Security

Integrated, Multi-Layer Defence

Broadest Endpoint Security Coverage

Strongest protection from the latest outbreaks of ransomware, malware, and non-malware attacks

Seamless integration with your entire security stack

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