Tufin Professional Services


Tufin is the leader in Network Security Policy Orchestration for enterprise cybersecurity. Tufin enables organisations to implement network security changes in the same business day through automation and impact analysis.

Founded in 2005, Tufin serves more than 1000 customers in industries from telecom and financial services to energy, transportation and pharmaceuticals, and partners with leading vendors including Check Point, Cisco, Juniper Networks, Palo Alto Networks, Fortinet and F5.

Key Benefits

• Reduced attack surface and minimal disruption to critical applications.
• Achieve continuous compliance and improve operational efficiency.
• Enterprise visibility presented under a single pane of glass.
• Implement security changes in minutes instead of days.
• Multi-vendor device support for leading enterprise networks.
• Implement security changes in minutes instead of days.

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The Tufin Orchestration Suite Solution – A policy centric solution for automatically analysing risk, designing, provisioning and auditing network security changes.

SecureApp – The first solution that enables organisations to manage network connectivity and security policy from an application perspective.

SecureChange – Increases agility and auditability for the network security change process. Performs proactive risk analysis to avoid security policy & compliance violations.

SecureTrack – Comprehensive firewall and security policy management solution for multi-vendor firewalls, next-generation firewalls and cloud platforms (public, private and hybrid).

How Can We Assist ?

• Ad-hoc consultancy services
• Recommend appropriate architectures
• Integration & customisation services
• Communication, change process and risk management during deployment 
• Policy analysis and revision control assistance