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G Cloud Supplier

Zuri Technologies is pleased to be awarded G-Cloud 13 Supplier status.

A welcome and important milestone for Zuri Technologies, demonstrating the quality of our product and ratification of our strict standards on data security.

Our G-Cloud services


Zuri Technologies excels in delivering customised cloud-based solutions to our clientele. Our expertise uniquely positions us to support public sector entities in migrating their digital infrastructure to the cloud seamlessly. Through our tailored approach, we assist organisations in optimising their cloud expenditure, bolstering security protocols, and ensuring compliance with regulatory standards. By leveraging our services, public sector organisations can significantly enhance their operational efficiency, paving the way for heightened productivity and success.

A typical digital transformation solution begins with a comprehensive assessment of current infrastructure, identifying areas for improvement. We design a high-performance private and hybrid cloud infrastructure based on Hyperconverged Infrastructure (HCI) principles, integrating NextGen security measures to protect your data from cyber threats. This infrastructure is deployed across three UK Tier III datacentres and leverages diverse network carriers, ensuring seamless accessibility, resilience, and security.

By optimising network connectivity and implementing failover mechanisms, we guarantee continuous operation and minimal downtime for both private and hybrid cloud environments. Through training, change management, and ongoing monitoring, we ensure a smooth transition and efficient utilisation of the new infrastructure, ultimately empowering your organisation to adapt to evolving business needs and technological advancements.

Zuri Technologies has invested significant efforts in attaining externally audited accreditations and certifications, including the esteemed ISO27001 and Cyber Essentials certifications. These milestones represent our unwavering commitment to maintaining the highest standards of security and compliance in all aspects of our operations. The ISO27001 certification stands as a testament to our meticulous approach to managing information security systems. It demonstrates our dedication to implementing robust protocols and practices to safeguard sensitive data against potential threats.

Similarly, our attainment of the Cyber Essentials certification underscores our proactive stance in strengthening defences against cyber risks. By adhering to industry-recognised standards and undergoing thorough external assessments, we demonstrate our readiness to combat evolving security challenges effectively. These accreditations serve as tangible evidence of our ongoing efforts to prioritise the security and integrity of our clients’ data. Our pursuit of these certifications reflects our steadfast commitment to upholding these principles and ensuring the highest levels of protection for our clients’ valuable assets.

At Zuri Technologies, we prioritise collaborative partnerships with our clients to craft distinctive customer experiences. We assign a dedicated customer success manager and a technical lead to each client, ensuring seamless project management and ongoing support fulfillment.

Furthermore, our dedicated support team operates round-the-clock, offering clients various avenues for assistance, including telephone, email, live chat, or in-person support. This unified support framework underscores our commitment to delivering exceptional service tailored to our clients’ unique needs.

Government Sectors

Central Government

Providing cost effective solutions allowing control, automation and seamless communication between local and central departments.


Providing Education departments up and down the country with the accessibility and flexibility required to continue services to the general public.

NHS and Healthcare

Ensuring this under resourced and strained department stays in control of the personal data they collect.


Layered encrypted security protocols ensure this department is kept secure, actively monitoring for potential threats.

Emergency Services

Consistency of service allows this department to make life or death decisions without the worry of an unreliable framework.

Local Government

Providing local authorities with a reliable and accessible infrastructure, allowing them to deliver services to the general public across all departments.