Juniper Networks
Juniper Networks

Juniper Networks develops cutting-edge networking and security products and services, including routers, firewalls, software-defined networking technologies, and advanced network management software. They lead in facilitating secure and assured communications across a single IP network.

At Zuri Technologies, our team of experienced engineers brings considerable expertise in the design, delivery, and ongoing management and support of Juniper devices. We specialise in executing seamless network upgrades and migrations, offering professional services to aid in the efficient management of this technology.

Choose Zuri Technologies as your partner to experience unparalleled network security and reliability and entrust your network infrastructure to a team committed to harnessing the full potential of Juniper Networks, ensuring that your business operates with the utmost efficiency and security.

Your Trusted Guide in Juniper Network Consultancy

Ad-Hoc Consultancy Services

Bespoke consultancy services as needed, providing tailored insights and expertise to address your specific Juniper networking and security challenges.

Architectural Excellence

A thorough assessment of your infrastructure needs for recommendations and implemention of optimal network architectures to enhance performance and security.

Firewall Management

Ongoing security with meticulous monitoring and management of firewalls, implementing robust practices to safeguard your network from potential threats and vulnerabilities.

Comprehensive Implementation

From conceptualisation to execution, our expert engineers design, plan, and implement innovative Juniper solutions tailored to meet your evolving business requirements.

Innovative Proof of Concepts

Delivering practical proof of concepts, allowing you to test and validate Juniper technologies in your specific environment before committing to full-scale implementation.

Network Changeover Assistance

Smooth and efficient transition during network changes, employing strategic measures to minimise disruptions and maximise operational performance.