Datto RMM is an intuitive, powerful, and cost-effective cloud platform, purpose-built to empower organisation in navigating complexities, controlling costs, and mitigating risks associated with supporting diverse devices. As a trusted partner, Zuri helps organisations efficiently manage every aspect of the supported estate, from on-premises to cloud-hosted environments, covering servers to network devices. From comprehensive device management to an enhanced security posture, we help you you’re your supported estates secure, patched, stable, and fully functional.

Whether it’s a single endpoint or a network of hundreds of thousands, this SaaS platform can effortlessly scale operations without limitations, adapting to the growing demands of device management, from small-scale setups to expansive networks. Leveraging the power, Zuri commits to your organisation’s infrastructure security through mandatory two-factor authentication, infrastructure hardening, and active monitoring against unauthorised access attempts, contributing to its proven track record of maintaining 99.99% uptime.

Seamless Integration, Proactive Monitoring with Datto

Integrated Deployment

Effortlessly integrate Datto RMM, onboard teams, and enable continuous real-time monitoring for proactive issue identification.

Automated Patching

Analysing patches, deploying updates for up-to-date security, and ensuring swift incident response to maintain system integrity.

Performance Optimisation & Insights

Generate tailored reports, optimise performance regularly, and provide insights into system health and performance for efficient IT operations.

Remote Support

Resolve issues remotely, troubleshoot problems efficiently, and minimise downtime for uninterrupted operations.


Deploying Datto RMM to varying scales, manage diverse devices seamlessly, and implement enhanced security measures.

High Availability

Offering ongoing support for Datto RMM queries, and ensuring high availability with continuous monitoring, contributing to uptime guarantee.