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Threat Intelligence Services

Zuri Technologies’ threat intelligence services encompass a variety of practices and capabilities aimed at gathering, analysing, and disseminating information about potential cybersecurity threats and vulnerabilities. Through diligent data collection, sophisticated analysis techniques, contextualisation of threats, and delivery of actionable intelligence to the clients, our services play a pivotal role in assisting organisations in navigating the complex and dynamic cybersecurity landscape, ultimately reducing the risk of cyber threats and safeguarding against potential harm. By utilising a mix of data sources, we provide organisations with actionable insights into the tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs) employed by cyber attackers. This intelligence enables organisations to gain a deeper understanding of the threat landscape, anticipate potential attacks, and implement proactive security measures to safeguard their assets and data.

Cybersecurity solutions

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Digital Risk Protection

Digital Risk Protection

Monitoring and safeguarding assets against cyber threats, and data breaches, while also identifying, assessing, and mitigating risks to online presence, reputation, and brand integrity, through continuous monitoring of digital footprints to detect vulnerabilities and security gaps.

Rapid Remediation

Rapid Remediation

Swiftly responding to security incidents and cyber-attacks, implementing rapid remediation strategies to contain threats and prevent their spread, and initiating takedown procedures to remove malicious content, phishing sites, and counterfeit assets from the internet.

Cyber attack

Advanced Investigation and Threat Mapping

Conducting in-depth investigations into security incidents to identify root causes and attack vectors, mapping threat actors’ infrastructure, tactics, and techniques, and anticipating future threats to disrupt cybercrime operations.

Dark Web Protection

Dark Web Protection

Monitoring clear, deep, and dark web sources for indicators of compromise (IOCs), leaked data, and underground market activities, detecting and mitigating threats originating from underground forums, marketplaces, and criminal networks, and implementing proactive measures to prevent data leaks, identity theft, and fraud on the dark web.

What we offer...

Data Collection

Gathering data from various sources such as security researchers, open-source intelligence, dark web monitoring, industry reports, government agencies, and information sharing communities.


Analysing the collected data to identify patterns, trends, and potential threats. This involves correlating different pieces of information to understand the context and significance of threats.


Providing context around the identified threats, such as their relevance to the organisation’s industry, geography, or technology stack to helps organisations prioritise and respond to threats effectively.

Actionable Insights

Delivering actionable intelligence that enables organisations to proactively defend against threats, such as by implementing security controls, patching vulnerabilities, or adjusting security policies.

Threat Sharing

Facilitating the sharing of threat intelligence within trusted communities or with relevant stakeholders, such as industry peers or government agencies, to improve collective defence against cyber threats.

Incident Response Support:

Assisting organisations in swiftly responding to security incidents by providing timely and relevant intelligence insights to help contain, mitigate, and recover from cyber-attacks.