Riverbed, as the frontrunner in application performance infrastructure, presents solutions for comprehensive application visibility, optimisation, and control in hybrid IT environments. Riverbed pioneered the first WAN optimisation appliance in 2004, a position it maintains as the current market leader. The company’s portfolio includes SteelHead products and the SteelFusion product line.

Among the primary benefits is the ability to enhance application throughput by up to 100 times, thereby significantly improving overall performance. Additionally, productivity gains are achieved by reducing the time distributed users spend working with files across your WAN by up to 99%. Another advantage lies in the ability to curtail WAN Traffic, accomplished by eliminating redundant data from your TCP traffic through the use of Steelhead appliances, resulting in substantial reductions in overall WAN traffic.

Elevate Performance: Infrastructure Strategies for Success

Ad-Hoc Consultancy Services

Provision of on-demand consultancy services designed to address specific needs, challenges, or inquiries related to WAN optimisation and infrastructure strategies.

WAN Optimisation Recommendation

Offering expert guidance to identify and recommend the most suitable WAN optimisation solutions based on the unique requirements and objectives of the client.

Infrastructure Strategies

Assessment of existing infrastructure strategies and recommendation of revisions or improvements to enhance overall efficiency and performance.

Demos and Lab Time

Demonstrations and dedicated lab time to showcase the capabilities and features of Riverbed's solutions, enabling clients to experience firsthand their potential benefits.

Innovative Proof of Concepts

Development and implementation of proof of concepts to validate the feasibility and effectiveness of the solutions, ensuring alignment with client expectations.

Configurations and Installation

Facilitating configurations and installations either remotely or on site, ensuring seamless integration of Riverbed solutions into the client's IT environment.

Riverbed Network and Application Management

Offering comprehensive network and application management services, ensuring the ongoing optimisation, monitoring, and maintenance of the implemented Riverbed solutions to guarantee sustained performance improvements.