Zuri Technologies leverages Logpoint’s cutting-edge platform for log management and Security Information and Event Management (SIEM), for a seamless and comprehensive security solution for a robust and proactive defence system. Our managed services integrate Logpoint’s advanced capabilities into your IT infrastructure, providing a unified and centralised approach to log management. Through real-time collection and analysis of log data from diverse sources across your network, Logpoint enables us to identify potential security threats and anomalies promptly.

Our dedicated team of cybersecurity experts ensures that your Logpoint deployment is optimised to its fullest potential, providing a robust defence against evolving cyber threats. We also understand the importance of adhering to regulatory requirements. Our services encompass the implementation of Logpoint’s features for compliance reporting and auditing, ensuring that your business meets industry standards and regulations.

Furthermore, our services extend to User and Entity Behaviour Analytics (UEBA) through Logpoint. By scrutinising user and entity behaviour, we enhance threat detection capabilities, identifying deviations from normal patterns that may indicate potential security risks. This proactive approach enables us to stay ahead of emerging threats and protect your digital assets effectively. By correlating and analysing log data in real time, we empower your organisation to detect and respond to security incidents swiftly and effectively.

Logpoint: Fine-Tuning Your Security Infrastructure for Peak Performance

Implementation and Deployment

Planning, deploying and customising Logpoint configurations based on the client's specific security needs and requirements.

SIEM Management

Configuration and maintenance of Logpoint's SIEM features in real-time to detect and respond to security events for optimal performance.

24/7 Monitoring and Alerting

Continuous monitoring of logs and SIEM alerts to identify potential security incidents and prompt response to alerts, investigation and analysis.

Compliance Management

Ensuring Logpoint configuration meets regulatory compliance requirements, generating compliance reports, and supporting audit processes.

Optimisation and Upgrades

Regularly reviewing configurations to ensure optimal performance and managing the application of software updates and patches.

Performance Reporting

Regularly providing performance reports, including key security metrics and insights from data to continuously improve security posture.