zCloud - Our Private Cloud Platform

Where Security Meets Scalability:

zCloud, Your Trusted Private Cloud.


‘zCloud’ is Zuri Technologies’ bespoke private cloud platform meticulously crafted to ensure an outstanding uptime of 99.999%, without compromising on performance or security. With ‘zCloud,’ we offer you the flexibility to seamlessly integrate it into your existing IT infrastructure or utilise it as a natural extension, promoting a cohesive technological environment. In addition to its remarkable uptime and security features, ‘zCloud’ offers a range of customisable solutions tailored to your specific business requirements. Supported by a dedicated team of certified professionals and strategic partnerships with renowned infrastructure vendors including Cisco, Palo Alto Networks, VMWare, Dell VX Rail, and Rubrik, our private cloud offering delivers unparalleled reliability and security. Additionally, our strategic placement within Tier3 data centres ensures comprehensive resilience and uninterrupted operations.

IT Infrastructure services

Experience the Power of zCloud: Your Private Cloud Solution


Virtualisation and Automation

zCloud optimises resource allocation through advanced virtualisation technologies and automation, enhancing operational efficiency and performance while minimising manual intervention by automating routine tasks such as provisioning, scaling, and maintenance.

Self service portals

Orchestration and Self-Service Portals

zCloud’s advanced orchestration and self-service portals facilitates the coordination and management of complex workflows and processes, and empower users to efficiently provision and monitor resources, enhancing agility and productivity while reducing administrative burdens.


Security, Compliance, and Resource Monitoring

zCloud prioritises security with robust measures, integrates compliance frameworks, and offers comprehensive resource monitoring, ensuring adherence to standards, proactive management, and rapid response to potential issues and threat to your IT infrastructure.

Scalable Integration

Scalable Integration

Designed for seamless scalability to adapt to evolving business requirements and equipped with integration capabilities, zCloud ensures operational continuity by facilitating interoperability with existing systems and third-party applications, supporting your growth trajectory effortlessly.

What we offer...

Security and Compliance

Scalable infrastructure with robust security measures and compliance features, ensuring data protection and adherence to regulatory standards.

Customisable Performance and Control

Tailored cloud environment to specific business requirements with high-performance infrastructure and precise control over resources.

Cost-Efficient Resource Management

Optimised resource utilisation and control expenses through metering, billing tools, and resource optimisation algorithms.

Reliable Business Continuity

Guaranteed uptime and resilience with disaster recovery capabilities, supporting continuous availability and mitigating risks.

Comprehensive Support Services

Benefit from comprehensive support services, including updates and maintenance, to ensure smooth operations and prompt issue resolution.

Seamless Integration

Easy integration with existing IT infrastructure and third-party services, facilitating smooth interoperability and streamlined workflows.