As an accredited Partner, Zuri Technologies is proud to collaborate with Tufin, the indisputable leader in Network Security Policy Orchestration. Tufin’s innovative solutions empower organisations to fortify their cybersecurity posture by facilitating swift and secure implementation of network security changes. By choosing Zuri, you are embracing a synergistic collaboration that prioritises efficiency, security, and strategic alignment.

Our expert, Tufin Professional Services team, plays a crucial role in this partnership. They possess a wealth of experience and are capable of assisting your organisation in various scenarios, including implementation, configuration, set-up, and integration. The proficiency of our team is harnessed to navigate the intricate landscape of large-scale internetwork design. They stand ready to assist by mitigating risks and simplifying complexities when seamlessly integrating the Tufin Orchestration Suite into your existing IT environment.

Customised Integration: Tufin Solutions for Your Needs

Ad-Hoc Consultancy Services

Harness the expertise of our consultants for on-demand consultancy services tailored to your organisation's unique needs. Whether you require strategic advice, troubleshooting, or in-depth insights, our consultants are ready to assist at any stage of your network security journey.

Architectural Excellence

Depend on our knowledge to identify and recommend the most suitable network security architectures for your specific requirements. We collaborate closely with your team to ensure that the proposed architectures align seamlessly with your organisational goals and security objectives.

Deployment Services

Facilitate a smooth transition to Tufin solutions with our comprehensive deployment services. Our experienced professionals guide you through the entire deployment process, ensuring that Tufin's capabilities are optimally configured and integrated into your existing IT infrastructure.

Integration & Customisation

Tailor Tufin's capabilities to your organisation's unique needs through our integration and customisation services. We specialise in aligning the solutions with your existing systems, for a cohesive Network security ecosystem.

Innovative Proof of Concepts

Mitigate uncertainties by engaging in Tufin proof of concepts tailored to your specific use cases and evaluate the effectiveness of Tufin solutions within your environment before making broader implementation decisions.

Project Management

Entrust our seasoned professionals to oversee and guide your Tufin initiatives. From inception to completion, we ensure that projects are executed seamlessly, meeting deadlines, and delivering optimal results.