Zuri Technologies collaborates closely with Microsoft, harnessing their diverse technology solutions tailored for businesses of all sizes. As a participant in the Solution Provider Agreement (SPA) program, we seamlessly integrate Microsoft licenses across our server estate, establishing a secure foundation for our services.

Microsoft’s influential brands such as Azure, MS Office, and Surface play vital roles in global commerce and connectivity. At Zuri Technologies, our partnership extends to delivering Private Cloud services, incorporating Microsoft’s technology for active directory integration, website hosting, network access control, and database services.

Our Private Cloud solution is fortified with Microsoft’s best-in-class technology, enhancing its quality, security, and reliability. As Microsoft MSPs, we are dedicated to providing innovative and credible solutions, empowering our clients to thrive in the digital era.

Microsoft Services Tailored for Business

License Integration and Compliance

Efficient integration of Microsoft licenses across your server estate, ensuring compliance and establishing a secure foundation for their operations.

Microsoft Technology Stack

Deploy Microsoft's technology stack, incorporating Azure, MS Office, Surface, and other key applications to enhance service quality and functionality.

Client-Centric Solutions

Tailored Microsoft services to meet your specific needs, providing bespoke solutions that align with their business objectives and industry requirements.

Consultations and Roadmaps

Personalised consultations to understand clients' unique goals and challenges, offering tailored roadmaps that align Microsoft MSP services with their long-term business objectives.

Private Cloud Services

Deliver Private Cloud services, encompassing active directory integration, website hosting, network access control, and database services, while bolstering security.

Proactive Support and Updates

Proactive support and timely updates for Microsoft products and services, ensuring you benefit from the latest features, security patches, and performance enhancements.