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Microsoft is a technology giant whose name is recognised worldwide. They provide technology solutions to all sizes of business from one-man-bands up to multinational organisations by manufacturing and producing operating systems, licenses, computer software, hardware and personal computers, amongst a host of other products and services.

Zuri Technologies is a Microsoft partner and is a part of the SPA (Solution Provider Agreement) program. We have used MS to provide the licenses across our server estate, giving a secure and dynamic foundation to our services.

Their applications and brands are used to keep the wheels of commerce turning and help people to stay in touch! Some of these brands and applications include the likes of Azure, MS Office, Surface, Hotmail, Windows, Skype, but to name a few.

At Zuri Technologies, we have partnered with Microsoft as they are a market leader and facilitate our Private Cloud services to our customers. This includes active directory integration onto on-premise customers, website hosting, network access control and database services to name a few. These Microsoft products add value and creditability to our private cloud solution where we have used ‘best in class’ technology throughout the build.

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