A global leader in cloud infrastructure and business mobility.


VMware is a global leader in cloud infrastructure and business mobility, with its cloud computing and platform virtualisation software with associated services being a leader in virtualisation. VMware allows us to build a software-defined DC.
In layman terms, VMware provides the cloud platform with flexibility, scalability and ease of deployment.

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Zuri Technologies has partnered with VMware, and we use this technology in our private cloud solution.

VMware allows IT to simplify and automate the management of thousands of desktops as a service to users from a central location with levels of availability and reliability previously unheard of.

Key benefits

  • Simplify Management and Increase Control – Easily manage tens of thousands of end-users from a centralized administrative interface. Streamline key IT processes such as provisioning, connection brokering, policy enforcement, performance monitoring and application assignment. Increase security and compliance by moving data into the datacenter, centrally enforcing endpoint security and policy configuration and streamlining antivirus processes.
  • Reduce the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) – Do more with fewer resources, time and money. Centralising desktop infrastructure with VMware View makes it faster, easier and less costly for IT staff to provision, maintain and monitor desktop images and applications across their entire life cycle. Decrease support calls and reduce end-user downtime for improved overall workplace productivity.
  • Deliver a Better Desktop Experience  – VMware View delivers users the best end-user experience across locations and devices. VMware View with PCoIP adapts to the end-users network connection to provide a high-quality customized desktop experience over the LAN and WAN. Users can flexibly connect to their View desktop from a variety of devices including desktops, thin or zero clients, and mobile devices. Mobile end-users can access their View desktop even when disconnected from the network.

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