Zuri Technologies proudly partners with VMware, a global leader in cloud infrastructure and business mobility. Leveraging VMware’s cutting-edge cloud computing and platform virtualisation software, we empower businesses with a state-of-the-art Private Cloud solution, delivering hosted services that redefine the way organisations operate.

One of the key offerings in our VMware service portfolio is the ability to simplify and automate the management of desktops. Through a centralised administrative interface, IT professionals can effortlessly oversee thousands of end-users, streamlining essential processes such as provisioning, connection brokering, policy enforcement, performance monitoring, and application assignment.

A significant advantage of adopting our VMware-based solutions is the reduction in Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). By centralising desktop infrastructure with VMware View, organisations can achieve more with fewer resources, saving time and money.Using PCoIP technology, VMware View adapts to the end-users’ network connection, delivering a high-quality, customised desktop experience over both local and wide-area networks.

Security and compliance are paramount in today’s business world, and our VMware service addresses these concerns effectively. Our VMware-based services enable the creation of a software-defined data centre, providing efficiency and flexibility. By moving data into the data centre, enforcing endpoint security and policy configuration centrally, and streamlining antivirus processes, we enhance security measures and simplify compliance adherence.

Unraveling the Potential of VMware with Zuri Technologies

Ad-Hoc Consultancy Services

On-demand consultancy services tailored to your VMware requirements and responsive assistance for troubleshooting, optimisation, and strategic guidance.

Architectural Excellence

Customised recommendations for VMware architectures aligned with your business goals and strategic guidance to enhance efficiency, scalability, and overall performance.

Periodic Health Checks

Proactive monitoring and assessment of your VMware environment and regular health checks to ensure optimal performance, identify potential issues, and implement preventive measures.

Comprehensive Implementation

Designing, planning, and implementing the solutions, ensuring that the adoption of technologies that aligns seamlessly with your organisational goals and security requirements.

Performance Optimisation

Continuous analysis and fine-tuning of VMware infrastructure for optimal performance, as well and resolution of bottlenecks, ensuring consistent and efficient operations.

24/7 Support

Commitment to round-the-clock support to address your concerns, troubleshoot issues, and provide timely assistance to help you navigate the complexities of your IT infrastructure.