Check Point
Check Point

Check Point is an enterprise security provider, offering both hardware and software IT solutions, geared towards endpoints, cloud, networks, data security management and mobile devices.

As a certified Check Point Partner, our team can assist you to deploy numerous solutions, whether it be to upgrade your current environment to the latest Check Point solutions or provide on-going support to help you effectively manage your current firewall estate and keep them operating optimally. This level of expertise enables us to provide cutting-edge consultancy services developed over years of experience working with a multitude of sectors. Our pricing model is both flexible and competitive and does not require a long commitment period, so you can draw down upon our team of skilled Security Analysts when you need to!

Empowering Enterprise Resilience with Check Point

Ad-Hoc Consultancy Services

On-demand consulting and expert guidance to address specific security concerns, offering bespoke advice tailored to each organisation's unique needs.

Architectural Excellence

Thorough assessment of existing IT infrastructure, proposing and aligning suitable security architectures with organisational goals and industry standards.

Firewall Management

Ongoing security with meticulous monitoring and management of Checkpoint firewalls, optimising rule-sets for enhanced performance and responsiveness during incident resolution.

Comprehensive Implementation

Providing holistic security solutions, encompassing tailored design based on organisational needs, strategic planning, and seamless implementation to mitigate downtime.

Innovative Proof of Concepts

Validating proposed security solutions through controlled testing, demonstrating their effectiveness, and providing tangible evidence before full-scale implementation.

Network Changeover Assistance

Support during migration or transition, minimising risks associated with network configuration changes, and ensuring a smooth transition while maintaining security and operational integrity.