extreme networks
extreme networks

As a leading managed service provider specialising in Extreme Networks services, we are committed to delivering agile, reliable, and secure cloud-driven enterprise network solutions.

Our team of highly skilled engineers stands ready to assist you at every stage of your networking journey. From the initial design phase to seamless implementation and ongoing support, we are dedicated to ensuring that your organisation harnesses the full potential of Extreme Networks’ innovative solutions, especially ‘auto-sensing’ and ‘auto-configuration’ capabilities. These capabilities extend harmoniously across Network Access Control (NAC), Wi-Fi, and Switching, all consolidated seamlessly within a unified platform. This isn’t just about simplifying the deployment process; it’s a strategic enhancement that boosts the overall efficiency of your network infrastructure, ensuring optimal performance and ease of management.

Extreme Networks takes pride in providing a comprehensive end-to-end solution, and our partnership allows us to bring these capabilities directly to your organisation. Whether you are looking to design a robust network, implement the latest wired and wireless networking infrastructure, or seek ongoing support and optimisation, our team is here to guide you. Trust in our commitment to network security and benefit from our expertise in implementing robust security measures, including cutting-edge Network Access Control (NAC) solutions, safeguarding your network against unauthorised access and potential threats.ss

Revolutionise Your Network with Extreme Expertise

Ad-Hoc Consultancy Services

Strategic insights and tailored recommendations from our seasoned experts to align your network infrastructure with your business objectives to elevate your network strategy.

Proof of Concepts

Accelerate your network transformation with a personalised PoC and experience the agility, reliability, and security that we bring to your specific business challenges.

End-to-End Solutions Integration

A cohesive approach to networking – from design to implementation and ongoing management for a unified network environment, incorporating wired and wireless infrastructure seamlessly.

Certified Engineers

Design and deploy your network with confidence, knowing that our team of Certified Engineers brings unparalleled expertise to ensure a seamless and optimised implementation.

24/7 Proactive Monitoring and Support

Uninterrupted connectivity with our 24/7 proactive monitoring and support with us ensuring the continuous health and security of your network, swiftly addressing any issues.

Customised Design and Optimisation

Customised network design and optimisation services ensure that your network not only meets but exceeds your performance, scalability, and efficiency expectations.