Smarsh helps you stay ahead of the risk in your electronic communications 


Smarsh was founded in Brooklyn, New York in 2001 by Stephen Marsh who believed the financial industry needed a better way to archive, store and monitor it’s data in order to comply with increasingly tight regulations.

Today Smarsh is a multinational Software as a Service company (SaaS) specialising in comprehensive archiving of electronic communications for companies in highly regulated industries.

With organisations sending and receiving thousands of messages over an ever widening array of communication channels and platforms, the challenge of maintaining proper governance and mitigating risks increases. Smarsh empowers your organisation to drive business forward with communication channels whilst leveraging proper governance as valuable, future analytics data.


  • Connected Capture – Supports over 80+ communication channels. All communications are captured continuously, direct from the source and with full conversational content preserved. Advanced capabilities include message blocking and ethical walls for certain channels.
  •  Connected Archive – Designed for businesses of all sizes and complexity, this cloud archive solution enables your content to be stored in a search-ready state. With real-time interactivity enabling knowledge and insight into your organisation, Connected Archive integrates seamlessly with your existing technology eco-system.
  •  Connected Apps – A set of integrated solutions that solve specific compliance, legal and business challenges. You choose which apps are right for your business challenges. They automatically integrate with Connected Capture and Connected Archive so you can manage, export and control your data.


CaptureEmbrace new technologies and productive communication channels whilst strengthening compliance.

  •  80+ supported channels across email, voice, social, IM, mobile and text
  •  API-driven capture from the source and unaltered across all channels
  •  Content Controls to surface communications risk before it hits your archive
  •  Contextual capture and automatic indexing

RevealControl, identify and manage risk within your data. Focus on the real risks that impact your business.

  •  Pre-emptive content controls for policy enforcement, message blocking and ethical walls
  •  Fast granular and advanced searches across all channels
  •  Automated policy -driven review queues with action panels, supervisory work-flows and escalation paths
  •  Analytics dashboards to provide insight and visualisation

RespondLeverage the value of your data, meet regulatory requests head on and make informed decisions to take action when needed.

  •  Intuitive tools that identify relevant information quickly
  •  On-demand “search – ready” data
  •  Comprehensive and customisable reports that meeet regulatory demands


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