Duo: protecting thousands of organisations worldwide


Duo Security is a cloud-based, trusted access provider protecting thousands of organisations worldwide.

Duo Security protects organisations against data breaches by ensuring only legitimate users and appropriate devices have access to sensitive data and applications – anytime, anywhere. Duo’s rapid two-factor authentication process provides maximum security, efficiency and usability.

Key benefits

  • Unparalleled protection.
  • Complete visibility into both managed and unmanaged devices.
  • Enables a culture of multi-factor authentication.
  • Simplified interface.
  • Seamless integration.
  • Standardised security processes.
  • Automatic updates, following an agile development cycle.
  • Duo Mobile works on every device – including smartwatches.
  • Stress-free deployments.

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  • Secure Authentication – Asymmetric cryptography, keeping only the public key on Duo’s servers and storing private keys on your users’ devices in a tamper-proof secure element.
  • Data Encryption – Protect your enterprise’s sensitive data wherever it resides or is transmitted with data-at-rest and data-in-motion encryption solutions.
  • High-Availability Architecture – Duo ensures an uptime exceeding 99.995% with a hard service level guarantee, with premium private hosting available.
  • Protect All Applications – To secure every type of application, Duo easily and quickly integrates with virtual private networks (VPNs) like Juniper, Cisco and Palo Alto; cloud apps like Microsoft O365, Salesforce, Google Apps, AWS and Box; and on-premises and web apps like Epic, SSH, UNIX and WordPress.

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