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Scalable Integration

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Accelerated Cloud Adoption Leading To Potential Gaps In Security

Organisations are accelerating their move to cloud to drive business operational efficiency. Indeed, a study found that  59 percent of executives have increased the pace of digital transformation over the last 12 months, and there’s no sign of this trend slowing down in 2021. 

The challenges

Rapid cloud adoption also poses new cybersecurity challenges as IT departments struggle to keep pace with the growing diversity of threats.

Scalable Integration

Common cloud security challenges include:

  1. Expanding environments with multiple security tools creates a disjointed security posture.
  2. Lack of visibility across the threat landscape can impede threat investigation and response times.
  3. Establishing a unified approach to security across all environments and teams can be difficult.

Four steps to a smooth cloud adoption

Cloud adoption has now reached the point where it’s not just part of the IT operations, but the most obvious, cost-effective solution to many core IT needs. Four important considerations for Cloud adoption are:

Assess your data – The key is to create an inventory of all your business data to enable you to identify and prioritise any resources which will be easiest and most beneficial to migrate. This involves evaluating your data whether on premise or cloud based, focusing in on performance and security requirements. This crucial step evaluates the resources needed for migration, potential cost, the life-expectancy of the data and how often it needs to be accessed or modified.

Picking your architecture – Selecting the right architecture and provider is not just about price and performance, but also about compliance requirements and factoring in future business growth. If you are choosing to go with cloud-based storage, it is best to opt for a next generation solution, enabling you to access your data faster and enable greater security control through cutting edge and up to date technology. However, businesses do not need to put all their eggs in one basket and may opt for a hybrid solution, combining new or existing on-premises infrastructure with compute or storage services in the cloud.

Implementation – Many businesses choose to run a pilot project to understand any potential pain points and allow for re-adjustment if needed. This will enable you to transition seamlessly without impact to BAU operations, data access and reporting.

Growing into the future – Dependence on cloud storage is growing across the board, thanks to numerous factors from the value and convenience it offers to the expansion of the data economy. To enable your business to grow and change rapidly without compromise to your data requirements, it is key to look for solutions and providers who offer unlimited cloud storage. Unlimited storage enables you to quickly expand and rely on your storage for growth without any hinderance. 

With the right process, planning and provider, migration to cloud storage can be very rewarding. Talk to our specialists today to find the right solution for you.

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