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Responses by Daniela Streng, Vice President & General Manager, EMEA, LogicMonitor

1. How would you best describe LogicMonitor in a few sentences?

LogicMonitor’s ultimate goal is to help enterprises and managed service providers gain unprecedented visibility into and control over business infrastructure, applications, networks and systems — whether they reside on-premises, at a remote data centre, in the cloud or a combination of all of the above. LogicMonitor provides ITOps, DevOps teams and business stakeholders with a unified platform that helps employees prevent costly outages, operate more efficiently and effectively, and predict IT issues and resolve them before they negatively impact business SLAs and brand reputation.

2. What are the key features of LogicMonitor’s platform, and how do these benefit SMEs?

Key features of the LogicMonitor platform that benefit SMEs include:

  • Agentless, cloud-based monitoring and observability platform
  • Auto-discovery of environments
  • Comprehensive topology maps
  • Over 2,000 integrations out of the box, and dozens of pre-configured dashboards
  • LM IntelligenceTM AIOps Early Warning System, which includes dynamic thresholds, forecasting, seasonality, rate of change, and root cause analysis functionality
  • Infrastructure metrics, log data, error monitoring, and application data within a single platform

SMEs should look for a cloud-based monitoring and observability platform when evaluating platforms. SaaS-based solutions eliminate the need for agent installation, meaning you can deploy more rapidly than agent-based solutions and will be able to start gaining insights within minutes. You will also face dramatically lower maintenance and overhead costs with a cloud-based solution over the life of the contract.

SMEs should also look for a monitoring solution that is highly extensible so that it can accommodate a wide variety of current and future technology integrations. That means selecting a platform that offers a rich API to easily ingest data from any type of resource, whether it’s on-premises or in the cloud.

Lastly, SMEs should look for a monitoring solution that can simplify the complexity of IT by offering end-to-end observability within a single platform, such as LogicMonitor. Monitoring by itself is one key function of observability, but it takes a combination of infrastructure information, log data analysis, and error and application metrics to create a holistic and actionable view of the business. SMEs are often constrained by tight budgets and fewer resources, making it challenging for smaller IT teams to effectively monitor their infrastructure. With a platform that handles everything from networks to applications, SMEs can save time and money by swapping out multiple tools for a single platform.

3. How does LogicMonitor provide full Network, Cloud and Application visibility?

When it comes to network, cloud, and application monitoring, LogicMonitor provides extensive visibility for SD-WAN alongside traditional datacenter and cloud environments. Upon deployment, LogicMonitor’s platform installs a small, lightweight Java application, called a Collector, on a server within an IT environment. Then, through a simple scan of a chosen IP range, the platform automatically detects all devices within that network and displays them on a LogicMonitor dashboard. Within minutes, users have the monitoring, alerting, and graphing needed to maintain and optimise their network infrastructure. LogicMonitor provides a complete view of an entire infrastructure through customisable dashboards, so users can quickly understand how their systems are connected and what issues are impacting performance. Topology mapping also provides dynamic visualisation of networks and devices, allowing users to discern dependencies between resources and troubleshoot issues more quickly.

LogicMonitor’s cloud monitoring solution provides comprehensive coverage across Amazon Web Services (AWS), Azure, and the Google Cloud Platform (GCP), in addition to the private cloud. LogicMonitor’s automated resource discovery feature instantly detects changes in the cloud and applies monitoring accordingly, granting users peace of mind with a continuously monitored ecosystem, no matter the scaling rate.

4. How does LogicMonitor reduce businesses mean time to repair (MTTR) and how does this affect decision-making within their IT operations?

LogicMonitor’s platform includes an AIOps Early Warning System and log anomaly analysis that helps IT teams identify issues before they negatively impact the business, reduce MTTR, and prevent downtime. LogicMonitor’s AIOps Early Warning System leverages three key technologies to do so: dynamic thresholds, root cause analysis, and forecasting. This three-pronged approach allows IT teams to intelligently detect signals from noise, reduce distracting alert storms, and translate these signals into actionable insights so they can proactively fix issues. LogicMonitor’s LM Logs™technology proactively identifies log anomalies from the millions of normal log data points and surfaces them to aid in faster troubleshooting and MTTR.

5. How does LogicMonitor protect client data within their SAAS environment?

Protecting the confidentiality of customer systems and data is of the utmost importance to LogicMonitor, as is maintaining the trust and confidence of all customers. Security best practices are built into every layer of the LogicMonitor platform.

All customer device data provided to LogicMonitor is classified according to sensitivity. Data classified as sensitive — such as device metadata, device configuration files, NetFlow data, and all personally identifiable information about account holders — is automatically protected using encryption both in transit (over the network) and at rest (in storage). LogicMonitor offers strong user authentication and impassable role-based access control for tailoring access to IT environments based on specific needs. Other security features include:

  • Penetration testing via third-party professional security teams;
  • Modern firewall system security for all LogicMonitor data centres;
  • Compliance with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) requirements;
  • Mandatory security training for all LogicMonitor employees, with additional training provided based on individual roles; and much more.

6. When choosing a new monitoring platform, what are the top 3 things to consider when selecting the right solution?

Today’s enterprise IT environments are increasingly complex and require a modern approach to monitoring multi-vendor infrastructures, data centres, and cloud platforms. Therefore, it is imperative to seek a comprehensive monitoring solution that addresses the following three things:

  1. Is flexible and extensible enough to fit seamlessly into your existing environment and integrate with existing systems
  2. Improves team efficiency through AI, machine learning, and automation capabilities
  3. Brings all of your data into a single pane of glass so that you can access insights and make business decisions based on a complete picture of what is happening, where it is happening, and why it is happening.

7. What sets LogicMonitor apart from your competitors such as SolarWinds, PRTG and ManageEngine?

At LogicMonitor, we are laser-focused on our customers, our technology, and our team. While there are many technical differentiators between the LogicMonitor platform and the products offered by our competitors, what we have heard from our customers (and what they have posted on sites such as G2 and TrustRadius) is the following:

  • Lightweight, an agentless platform that leads to quick onboarding and minimal ongoing overhead
  • Customisable, comprehensive out-of-the-box dashboards and topology mapping
  • Patented and award-winning AIOps capabilities
  • Best-in-class Proof of Concept / Proof of Value demonstration using customer’s live environment during the sales process to prove the functionality of the platform and ROI
  • One-stop-shop for a platform that ingests and analyses infrastructure, cloud, cloud billing, log data, application data, error data, and more
  • Simple, transparent pricing
  • A true partner in terms of treating customer needs, executive priorities, and satisfaction as LogicMonitor’s own
  • Incredibly helpful and available support team

8. How does the acquisition of Airbrake further enhance your service capabilities?

LogicMonitor is on a mission to become the most comprehensive, extensible, and intelligent performance monitoring and observability platform on the planet to help businesses operate seamlessly. LogicMonitor has a deep background in network and infrastructure monitoring and log data analysis. Acquiring Airbrake, whose expertise is in developer-centric application error and performance monitoring, extends LogicMonitor’s existing award-winning ITIM platform into developer environments and enables customers to gain visibility into continuous integration and deployment (CI/CD) workflows.

With Airbrake becoming part of LogicMonitor, users will never have to worry about missing an application error or improving code quality. Gaining these capabilities will empower them to diagnose and fix issues faster. With Airbrake’s functionality, users will also gain insight into the performance of the entire application stack, from code to cloud, to ensure flawless customer experience in agile environments. The acquisition of Airbrake enhances LogicMonitor’s end vision of providing unified observability within a single, simple-to-use platform to all of its customers.

9. What are the key advantages of working with MSPs such as Zuri Technologies?

Today, more and more enterprises choose to work with MSPs such as Zuri on a wide variety of initiatives and essential business functions, such as disaster recovery as a service, IT procurement, monitoring, SIEM as a service, backup as a service, and more. Operations, cloud, and security challenges require significant amounts of time and resources for modern enterprises, and working with an established expert in the field like Zuri is a smart way to ensure all necessary areas are covered with the right level of attention and expertise.

LogicMonitor’s part in the equation is to provide MSPs with award-winning monitoring and observability technology that allows them to swiftly onboard their customers, even in the most complex and diverse environments, and begin proactively monitoring the end user’s full technology stack within mere minutes or hours, depending on the environment.

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