SIEM as a Service Case Study

SIEMaaS Case Study

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Case study


Credit Benchmark had a requirement to centralise all their system logs, ensuring a holistic bird’s-eye-view into their infrastructure. They also had a need to conduct forensics investigations on their environment, if necessary.

Credit Benchmark is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). As a provider of credit risk data and analytics, they handle sensitive private data, making compliance with regulatory practices a critical aspect of their operations. They faced the challenge of efficiently handling and protecting its private data while adhering to the stringent regulatory requirements imposed by the FCA. With increasing data volumes and the evolving threat landscape, they recognised the need for a comprehensive SIEM solution to gain centralised visibility into their network infrastructure, effectively analyse data, correlate events, and promptly detect and respond to potential security incidents.

With multiple firewalls, switches, servers and endpoints spanned across multiple sites, the main challenges were:

  • Compliance and best practice obligations (HIPAA, SOX, PII, COBIT 5, FISMA, PCI)
  • Real-time analysis of security alerts by applications and network hardware
  • Lack of log management and retention

Facing resource constraints and recognising the importance of data security, Credit Benchmark sought expert support to implement a Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) solution to safeguard their private data appropriately and in relation to regulatory practices.

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