as a Service


as a Service

Comprehensive event monitoring and proactive control

Our Service

Our SIEM as a Service brings security information and event management into one convenient dashboard providing strong security intelligence, rapid incident response, seamless log management and compliance reporting. Our Next Gen platform can also leverage inbuilt or 3rd party AI and user behaviour analytics engines to provide a 360 degree view of your environment.

Business Need

With increasing threats from both internal and external sources, SIEM becomes the most valuable tool in your arsenal, helping to promptly act upon any potential or real threats, allowing you to carry out prompt forensics, demonstrating you have a good grasp of security within your business to any regulator.

Service Breakdown

Technical Pre-sale, evaluate and propose solution

Strategically deploy log collectors and conjure solution in line with customers security protocol.

On-going management and access to 24/7 Security Operations Centre to resolve alerts

Our service includes:

24/7 Proactive management

Independent host forensics and file integrity monitoring

State of the art machine analytics

Rapid, intelligent search

Network forensics with application ID and full packet capture

Multi-dimensional user/ User/ Network behaviour anomaly detection